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'. . . even though it is my firm belief that the policy I have
supported is the one of reason and peace and would be
endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the actual mem-
bers of the Association itself.'" He let his glance move
down the table, face by face, and come to rest at last upon
Captain Todd. "Do you believe he's right?" he demanded.

"If I did, I'd have supported him," the Captain replied

" Do you think he thinks that is right?"

" I don't know/' the Captain said.   " He's written it."

"What made him write that down?" And Mr. Christian
tapped the very sentence with his thick forefinger.

" Every man has to go his own gait," the Captain answered.

As Mr. Christian read that sentence aloud, it struck Mr,
Munn's mind, as it had not before, with a force that seemed
to graze off tangentially, and lead to a confused darkness of
speculations. Mr. Christian was right, it was the key of the
letter. It was not like the rest of the letter. It really didn't
belong in the letter, at least not when stated that way.
Especially that about the overwhelming majority. It didn't
belong. Not in this letter to them. Then the thought slipped
from his mind, to return, but casually, just before he fell
asleep that night, and then again, sharply and fully, the
next morning when he sat at breakfast in the hotel dining-
room and saw that very sentence in the newspaper.

There was a big story about the resignation, and the letter
was printed in full in the body of the story. It was a Nash-
ville paper. He rose hurriedly from his chair and went into
the lobby to get the local paper and the Edgerton Messenger.
In both the letter was reprinted in full. The Bardsville Ledger
carried, in addition, an editorial under the heading "Does
Association Betray Farmers' Interest?" It began: "When a
man who has served the people of his section so long and
ably as has Senator Edmund Tolliver feels it necessary to
resign from the organization he has helped to create, because
he feels it is betraying its trust and is leading the community
into paths of disorder against the will of the majority, then it